Word art

Please select the type of Word Art picture you would like to order and put in your choice of wording below in the relevant section. You can see the 'loves' picture above here and the 'world' pictures above right. If you prefer, you can call me on 07711 087636 or email your order to jo@sweetheartstudio.co.uk

Please note: if you would like me to post your framed picture there will be a postage charge of £8.

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If you would like to order a 'Loves' picture, please fill in the details below. You can see the different design options above:

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Please enter between 10 and 12 likes to appear on your picture. It's best if they're a mix of short phrases and sentences rather than single words. Please see the examples above:

If you would like to order a 'World' picture (top right), please click the box below:

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Please give further details of the wording you would like on the 'World' picture, eg names of those receiving the picture and those giving it:


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